Corona positive pet owner - Do's and Dont's

Corona positive

Elevated cases of Corona positive throughout India made pet owners very much nervous and worried about their pets. So many pet owners are fully confused about how to handle or take care of pets in this critical covid-19 situation. Even in rural areas the dairy farmers could not know what precautions should be taken. In city area educated people who have owned exotic breed pets they know little bit but sometimes corona panic become prevalent for them. 

What you will do if you found corona test positive and have a pet at home. Some guidelines have been mentioned below which should be kept in mind. 

There is very less chance to spread corona virus to your pet. But pets might be a vector if you have close contact with it them and spread to other family members. Very few reports suggest that infected pets might not exhibit any symptoms or may show little bit symptoms. There is no such serious report regarding corona illness of pets. 

Do’s and Dont’s

What should do if you found corona test positive. 

A. You should avoid very close contact with your pet animals. Sleeping in same places or beds, sharing foods with them, kissing, licking is extremely prohibited.

B. You should always put mask on your face. Each time you should wash your hands with soap and sanitise with alcohol before and after contact with pets. 

C. Other family members may take care of your pets during the time of your sickness.  

D. You can take help from any pet boarding facility. Now a days, the are so many pet boarding facilities available in cities. You can keep your pets in boarding for some days till your complete recovery.  

E. Lastly, do not panic and do not make others panic. 

Pet cat corona
Loving pets

What you should not do with your pets when you tested with covid-19 positive . 

A. Do not use any chemical disinfectants or surface disinfectants or any sanitizers on your pet’s body. 

B. Dont put mask on your pet. Till now no evidence found regarding transmission of virus from pets to humans. Its become ridiculous to your neighbours if they see in such a way.

C. Getting panic dont abandon your pets. Be kind and responsible not only for your pets but pets of neighbours also. 

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