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What is Kamatablog or Kamata blog

Kamatablog (কামতাব্লগ) website is a blog website on Kamatapur history, Kamata culture, Kamata language. Earlier this blog named as Aboriginal blog. Kamatabehar or Kamatapur / Kamtapur word is used for same place. 

Focus area of Kamatablog

It has been made every effort to make information on the site as accurate as possible but Kamatablog is not providing any express or implied warranty against the same. So many authors are involved to express their thoughts and explore their creations. They will provide information regarding language, history, heritage and culture of aboriginal people. 

Our authors also offer advice on tourism development and travel. On the website Kamatablog, we may find out about the cuisine of people living around the nation. In addition to this, it will impart knowledge on new business development and entrepreneurship skills. The foundation of economic development is industry and agriculture, and Kamata blog consistently provides guidance on these two aspects of the economy. It's a collaborative effort between a number of writers or bloggers who will regularly offer their expertise and experiences to help our audience.

Our primary focus will be on indigenous food and recipes. We also aim to bring back the traditional eating customs of the indigenous people, especially in the Northeast region of India. These days, people are constantly thinking about their health and prefer prevention to treatment. We shall attempt to compile knowledge about Ayurvedic herbs or nature-oriented medicine on this web-based platform.

Kamatablog (কামতাব্লগ) website attempt to consciousness on glorious records and historical past of ancient kamrup kamata. Besides these it'll highlight about language diversity, food variety, fitness and nutrition, flora and fauna and manifestly current affairs. This blog (কামতা ব্লগ) will cover every factor of lifestyles and every topics related to socio-political and socioeconomical prospect of aboriginal Kamata people.

Our authors will contribute their knowledge and idea in this blog regularly. They will post articles / blogs as per their area of concern.

Kamatablog । कामताब्लग । কামতাব্লগ

Koch । Rajbanshi । Kamatapur

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