King Harendra Narayana Literary Works, Part-2

King Harendra Narayana

Part -2

Literary Works of King Harendra Narayana (Part-2)

Coochbehar State

Pandits in Maharaja Harendra Narayan's Court

Kali Chandra Lahiri

Jayanath Munshi began writing his history of “Cooch Behar” in “Rajopakhyan”, under the orders of Maharaja Harendranarayan’s Prime Minister Kali Chandra Lahiri. In 1821, the following year, Kali Chandra Lahiri was appointed Diwan of Cooch Behar after the departure of his father, Prime Minister Radhakrishna Lahiri. It is estimated that the composition of “Rajopakhyan” began in 1823.

Kashikant Sharma

Some of the books of Kashikant Sharma have been included in the Sanskrit booklet of Cooch Behar Literature. A manuscript is available where up to Ramayana Kiskindhakanda part is also present. There is no composition or genre in manuscript, but the word “Shri Kashikant Sharmar Puthi” is written on 1207 sal. 1207 sal is 1800 AD. A short grammar book by the name of Kashikant Sharma has also been found. In addition, some Sanskrit books have been found in her name. Kashikant Sharma was a notable member of the Raj Sabha of Maharaja Harendranarayan. He was a judge of the civil court in 1838. He also had a special honor during Maharaja Shivendranarayan.

Pandit Madhavananda

The ‘Chandimangal’ Puthi/manuscript of Madhavananda has been found in the library of the University of North Bengal.
Dwija Rudradeva – Mahabharata Adiparba, Ramayana Aranyakanda.

Dwija Paramananda – Mahabharata Banaparba.

Dwija Balaram – Mahabharata Banaparba.

Dwija Ramanath – Mahabharata Banaparba.

Dwija Brajasundar – Mahabharata Sobhaparba, Nrisinghapurana, Kalikapurana, Ramayana Lankakanda, Hitopdesh.

Dwija Brajendra Sundar – Hitopdesh.

Sabdananda – Brahmaboibortopurana, Ramayana Uttarakanda, Kashikhanda.

Satananda – Brahmaboibortopurana Kashikhanda, Ramayana Uttarakanda.

Dwija Raghuram – Mahabharata Banaparba, Mahabharata Adiparba, Mahabharata Bhismoparba, Mahabharata Shantiparba, Ramayana Ayodhyakanda, Ramayana Kiskindhakanda, Kriyajogsar.

Dwija Laksmiram – Mahabharata Karnaparba, Mahabharata Shallyaparba, Ramayana Ayodhyakanda.

Dwija Mahinath – Mahabharata Banaparba, Mahabharata Ashyomedhaparba, Mahabharata Prosthanikparba, Markendya Chandi.

Dwija Baidyanath – Mahabharata Banaparba, Mahabharata Moushalparba, Mahabharata Shantiparba, Kalikapurana, Shivapuarana, Padmapurana, Brahmaboibartapurana Prokritikhanda.

Dwija Ramnandan – Mahabharata Gadaparba, Kalikapurana, Mahabharata Shallyaparba, Nrisinghapuarana, Dharmapurana.

Madhabchandra Sharma – Bishnupurana, Chandikar Bratakatha, Mahabharata Swargaarohanaparba.

Dwija Ramchandra – Kalikapuarana.

Dwija Kirtichandra – Kalikapurana, Skandhapurana, Mahabharata Ashramikparba, Brahmattarkhanda.

Shrinath Dwija – Ramayana Kiskindhakanda.

Kabiraj Dwija Ram – Mahabharata Bhismoparba

Dwija Manohar – Padmapurana.

Debinandana – Ramayana Kiskindhakanda.

Manohar Das – Mahabharata Karnaparba.

Dwija Jagannath – Bhagabata shashtha (six) Skandha

Maniram Das – Godur Purana.

Dwija Durgaprashad – Gitabali.

Dwija Bhutnath – Shara hritu (Six season) barnana

Jagatdurlabh Biswas – Sangeet shankar

Jaynath Ghosh – Rajopakhyan

Ramanarayana – Naldamayanti Upakhyana

Ripunjay Das – Kriyajogsar

In various Puthis/manuscripts, the name of many Poets and Pandits were found in the Raj Sabha of Maharaja Harendranarayan but no trace of their manuscripts could be found.

It is significant that after the independence of India and merger of Cooch Behar with West Bengal, the intervention of the central library was left in the hands of the Administrator of Calcutta. Since 1950, administrative officers posted in Cooch Behar collected books/records/manuscripts from central library without keeping any records and they never returned that, -such types of complaints also observed in media on several occasions.
No such report was received, as the cause of the firing flames of the old library adjacent to Nilkuthi in Cooch Behar.

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Reference: kochbiharer Rajdorobarer Sahityacharcha/ S. Roy