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Are you looking for a destination to travel with your travel buddies or family or with your partner, to get away from your everyday life and spend a few days in solace? Minneapolis can be a great travel destination for you, in that case, within your budget travel. The place is famous for having several lakes and parks where tourists can go and enjoy in a very light mood. People choose this place for small tours mainly to refresh their mood. Visitors and tourists sit beside these lakes and in the park to spend time with their partners and loved ones. Minneapolis is also a good place for solo travellers as it offers a calm ambience for anyone to stay and freshen their mind.

Minneapolis is situated in Minnesota and is responsible for forming the Twin Cities and St. Paul, the neighbouring state’s capital. An art lover would love their way in Minneapolis because there are museums, an art centre and a sculpture garden. To know about the best things to do in Minneapolis, read the article till the end.

Places in Minneapolis which are a Must-Visit

  • The Walker Art Centre

Lowry Hill is a neighbourhood in Minneapolis that consists of this great place for art. The Walker Art Centre is the first place tourists’ visit on a trip to Minneapolis or Minnesota. The renowned Art Centre consists of above 13,000 pieces of art, both contemporary as well as modern. These art pieces include various paintings, photographs, books, drawings, prints, sculptures, etc. The year of the Walker Art Centre’s establishment dates back to 1927. If you are a partitioner of art, poetry, music and other media and art-related specimens, this would be a perfect place to explore amongst all the other things to do.

  • The Minnehaha Falls

Another well-visited destination in Minneapolis is Minnehaha Falls. With its serene view, the Minnehaha Falls experience numerous tourists year-round. The Minnehaha Regional Park is known for quite a few many attractions, but Minnehaha Falls tops the list. The Minnehaha Park is a part of this and is also home to the lower reaches of the Minnehaha Creek apart from the Falls. Whether on a trip alone or with a group, this place can be explored and enjoyed in every possible way. The Minnehaha Falls would come under the most fun things to do in Minneapolis.

  • The Mall of America

The metropolitan area in Minneapolis-Saint Paul is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the world. The Mall of America also referred to as MoA, is huge. You will get several shops within the mall, with various food stations for brief refreshments. This mall is the largest in Western Hemisphere and 11th worldwide since 1992. An estimated 40 million people visit the Mall of America annually. There are hotels for tourists, restaurants offering various cuisines, stores and kiosks. Go there and buy small gifts for your closest people before you return from the trip.

  • Weisman Art Museum

The University of Minnesota, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is not unknown to the world. The Weisman Art Museum was originally founded in 1934 as the University Gallery, which later shifted to its current place. Minneapolis, as also stated earlier, is a great place for art lovers. The knowledge you can gain from the Weisman Art Museum is incomparable. Also called the “Modern Art Museum”, it consists of large collections of Charles Biederman and Marsden Hartley, besides the pottery collection of the Native Americans and Traditional Korean Furniture. Spirit Flights, American Flights, etc., offer cheap flights to Minneapolis through which you can travel and visit this place.

  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one epitome o beauty, standing on 19 acres of land with numerous art pieces. You can see the marvellous Spoonbridge and Cherry right at the garden’s centre, which Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg designed during the 1980s. The Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, also designed during the 1980s, is a pedestrian bridge in this sculpture garden that connects the sculpture garden to Loring Park. Make your ticket reservation for this place, especially if you admire art. The place will offer you as many as 40 permanent sculptures with several temporary ones.

  • The Stone Arch Bridge

The Great Stone Arch Bridge is a bridge that is made only of stones entirely, that too on the Mississippi River. It’s not just a path that you can walk. You can also go through it via a bike. If you travel to the city by car, you will also get a parking lot to park your car and then walk across the stone bridge through its walking path.

When should you book the flights to Minneapolis

Minneapolis tour and travel
  1. It is always preferable to book your flights as early as possible. The expense is usually less if you make your airline reservations at least three to four months before your day of travel.
  2. Weekends are always a good time to book your flights financially and mentally. Neither will you be in a hurry nor will you miss out on some exciting offers which are only given on Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. For some airlines, Wednesday is also a good option for booking your flight if you are looking for discounts.

No, you have read this far; you know how beautiful a trip to Minneapolis can be. As mentioned, Minneapolis is also a great place for people who understand and make art. So without wasting a minute more, contact your loved ones with whom you want to travel and get your seats booked in your destination flights.

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