Pushna Songkranti of Kamtapuri Koch Rajbanshi people.

pushna songkranti jalpaiguri
রাজবংশী কৃষ্টি মানিয়া আজি জলপাইগুড়ি রাজবাড়ি দীঘির পাড়ত পহেলা বছরিয়া পুষনা অনুষ্ঠান দেখেন সরাসরি রামপ্রসাদ মোদকের ক্যামেরাত 
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Pushna Songkranti 

On occasion of “Pushna Songkranti”, Rajbanshi Somonnoi Samiti of Jalpaiguri arranged rally. This festival is celebrated all over India. But “Pushna Parab” or “Domashi” is little bit different. Kamtapuri, especially Koch Rajbanshi people celebrate this festival every year. This year Rajbanshi Somonnoi Samiti invited so many dance troops such as Bairati Nritya, Gamira Nritya, Bansh Nritya, Kushan Gaan, Goalini Nritya. Mecheni Nritya is famous for Jalpaiguri itself. Besides these Bishohori gaan, Tukkha gaan, Raban gaan also available.

pushna program patani

Pic – Collected

Food item such as Bhapa pitha, Puiya pitha, Pati sapta etc is common in this festival. Another unique food item is “Ding” in Kamtapuri society that you can not see in other society. Ding is prepared into bamboo made cylinder, pouring food material (rice, maida, sugar, jagery – semi solid consistency) into it, tightened one end of cylinder with straw and heat on fire.

pushna dhing khaoa

Ding (collected pic.)

People start celebration from previous night with picnic or “Bonbhojon”. Early morning they bath and as per ritual they decorate house wall with rice powder soaked in water. Koch Rajbanshi people apply “Fota” / Tilak (rice powder and mustered flower soaked in water) to domestic animals also. This Pushna Parab ritual may little bit vary from area to area of Kamtapur region but basic concept is same. “Sonarai” puja is also important in this day. You may download some books from above given link regarding festivals of Kamtapuri Koch Rajbanshi people.

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